Is it wrong to be rich? Or to want to be?

For some years now I’ve been pretty cocky about the definition of success. I’ve been telling people I know exactly what success is- for everyone.

Success is simply the feeling that you have enough.

You need to have enough in 3 major areas of life:

  • Material
  • Emotional 
  • Spiritual

Of course the argument is that success is different for each person. No- how much is enough in each area is different for each person.

Let’s start with the most contentious, yet the easiest to measure and understand: Material.

It’s impossible to have a feeling of success and poverty at the same time in any one area. Nowhere do we feel this more immediately than when it comes to money.

How much is enough for you? Seriously think about that for a few minutes. Factor in any material assets you might have- your home, business equipment, your car, collectibles…anything you can put your hands on, place in a pile and count.

Now even if you’re relatively satisfied with how much you’ve got, you may want more. Is that wrong?

Only if you’re taking it from someone else or abusing someone else to get it.

Rich people are an easy target these days. There are two problems with vilifying the wealthy.

First of all- it’s not a “zero-sum-game.” Again, unless someone is stealing from you their gain is not your loss- as satisfying as it may be to buy in to that belief.

The second problem is that unless you genuinely lack the ability to care for yourself, you have the capacity to change your circumstances.

I was once one of the “young believers.” I believed that “the man” was keeping me down and that life had dealt me a bad hand. I believed I was a victim of circumstance.

My circumstances at the time were that I was broke, two-time college dropout junky living in a decrepit mobile home.

Wasn’t my fault! The MAN was keeping me down!

Eventually I would learn that there is no “the man.” Or more to the point, the only man that was going to change my circumstances was the one brushing his teeth in my bathroom mirror.

The only meaningful way to become successful is to earn it. The only fair way to wealth is to earn it. 

The only other way is to take from those who earn it and give it to those who don’t…or won’t. That’s been tried many times without success. Whether you’re a thief or you use a government to steal for you- it’s still stealing.

Want to get rich quick? You could simply adjust your expectations!

It’s not about how much you have compared to someone else- it’s about how you feel about what you have.

If you can feel successful with less, you may be wealthier than the richest guy on earth!


How much is enough?

That’s entirely up to you. Go after as much as you want- just do it legally and ethically. Produce your wealth by offering genuine value to others and you will be wealthy- every step of the way.

Nothing wrong with that.


Can Black Belt Mindset make you rich?

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  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • Perseverance
  • and Excellence

…are key ingredients in building personal and professional success!

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  1. What are some things that middle class people believe that wealthier people do not?…

    For one, many middle-class people believe what the media tells them to. Many believe that wealth is a zero-sum-game where the rich get rich on the backs of the poor and middle class. Many believe that the rich do not pay their fair share of taxes. Many…

  2. Being in gratitude for what you have expands more of what you have, and helps you feel “rich” despite the numbers on the paper. As you feel rich , and take action from that feeling place, irregardless of your circimstances, you will begin to experience more success, fulfillment, and happiness. We have taken on the belief that the number on the paper, the amount in the account is what makes us happy, but happiness is in the moment and available NOW, and from that place all good things flow.

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