Power Week Part 2: How you make it

Part 2 of 3 parts

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The problem in a results driven culture is that personal development seldom produces immediate results. On the other hand, you seldom produce meaningful results unless you commit yourself to continual personal development.

In non-philosophical terms: You gotta keep movin’ if you wanna keep groovin’!

Results are essential. If you don’t eventually produce positive results, what’s the point? However, it takes time and effort- especially if you’re making major changes.

And that’s the pivot point. If you’re satisfied with the status quo you may be able to get away without significant change…for awhile. If you want to see changes in your career, your income or your personal life, you’ve got to start with changing your Self.

In Part 1 I said that:

“Power is your ability or capacity to act or perform effectively.”

Perform more effectively and you create new opportunities. Operate from a position of power and you’re ready and aware of new opportunities as they come up. You’ve got your head up and eyes open.

You’re never open to new opportunities from a position of weakness. When you’re weak you’ve got your head in the sand, just like the proverbial ostrich. And just like the proverbial ostrich you’re hind parts are hanging in the air ready for a right smart kicking!

So- how do you become more powerful?

Motivation + Discipline + Time = Power

Motivation: You’ve got to find your driver. This can range from shear desperation or the  desire to improve your circumstances to simply curiosity- or a yearning for new challenges. Whatever it is, find a motivating factor that will get you moving…now.

Discipline: This is where you strap on your belt and get to work. Motivation can ebb and flow; discipline means committing yourself to the process until you produce results. Discipline is simply identifying and developing the habits that will get the job done.

Time: By and large most people I meet are motivated and reasonably disciplined- or willing to learn. In our McDonald’s culture of instant gratification, time is a problem.

If you order a burger at a drive-through window, you expect a hot, delicious burger as soon as you drive around the building. If I ran Master Jim’s Black Belt Mindset Burgers, I’d greet you with a smile at the pick-up window and say, “Now drive around the building a few hundred times; then you get your burger!”

Would you have the patience for that?

Seriously- a hot burger in two minutes is a reasonable expectation these days. Developing authentic personal and professional mastery and power takes time.

I was talking with Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming one day about the mindset of students today. He said, “Everyone wants to be a Jedi Knight in two weeks…takes longer than two weeks to be a Jedi Knight!”

Nothing wrong with goals, but when it comes to personal development- let go of the deadlines. Commit yourself to continual self-improvement.

The process never stops. In this way you continually become more effective and more powerful. You never become obsolete. You’re always on the lookout for new skills and talents to add to your resume- or new ways to apply and market the skills you have.

Motivation and Discipline applied continuously over Time. That’s how you become more effective, more creative, more powerful. And- it’s a self-propagating cycle.

Look- there are no quick fixes, no get-rich schemes that work and no real overnight successes. Sure, someone wins the lottery once in a while and most of them end up broke.

Lasting success and authentic power is the product of hard work over time. Strap on your belt and get to it!

Friday- What to do with your new found Power…


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  1. How can I find motivation to get things done?…

    Knock it off!!! Seriously! I know that sounds cold, but sometimes it’s the best thing you can hear when it’s tough to get moving. A lack of motivation is a weak position. Motivation gives you power. You’re never open to new opportunities from a posit…

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