Power – The wisdom of Lao Tzu

Here is one of my favorite quotations from the ancient master, Lao Tzu: 

Cultivate the inner self; Its power becomes real,

Cultivate the home; Its power becomes abundant.

Cultivate the community; its power becomes greater.

Cultivate the organization; Its power becomes prolific. 

Cultivate the world; Its power becomes universal. 

The most important concept in black belt mindset is that of continual self-improvement. I talk a lot about perfection; not as the ends, but rather as the means to get where you want to go.

Through the process of continual self perfection, you become more powerful. By power, I’m talking about “your ability or capacity, to act or perform effectively.”

When you improve yourself, you become more valuable, not only to yourself but to everyone around you. As you become more powerful, you become a better employee, manager, leader, teacher, student, coach or parent.

You may already be successful. The most successful people I know and admire never stop improving. They know that if they get lazy or complacent…or bored, any success they’ve enjoyed so far can be lost much faster and easier than it was earned.

Once you understand that perfection is much more useful as a verb than a noun, then even the smallest step forward becomes in and of itself, a moment of perfection.

Dedicate yourself to becoming more powerful. Make yourself more effective. By creating a more powerful you, you are contributing a powerful gift to everyone in your life at work, at home, and in your community.

Imagine if everyone understood, and put into practice, these wise words from Lao Tzu!


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  1. Very true Jim. Have a good day. Vince

  2. Great words that I personally need to hear from time to time. As life places all its day to day trials in front of you, your written words help to refresh. Thanks Jim.

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