Book Review: Do You Think What You Think You Think?

January marks a moment as close as Western culture comes to an official period of introspection; people scramble to assess the past year, plan for the new one and resolve to make important changes. What better time than now to really take a close look at your core beliefs?

Do You Think What You Think You Think is a fun, engaging and challenging little 183 page collection of exercises and commentary that calls itself “The Ultimate Philosophical Handbook.” The authors, Julian Baggini and Jeremy Stangroom give us a very revealing set of quizzes that may just cause you to question what you thought you believed in and may help shape what you’ll choose to believe in the future!

And it’s fun!

  • So You Think You’re Logical?
  • How Free Are You?
  • Are You Officially Ethical?

Go ahead and answer those questions, then take the quiz in the chapters by the same names. The authors provide insightful commentary on the results- not to judge (a point they often make in the text) but to help you interpret and understand your results.

Don’t cheat! It’s tempting to try and mold the answers to your current though paradigm, but that won’t help. Though presented in a highly engaging and really enjoyable format, these are proven diagnostic tools used by professional philosophers and ethicists. Cheat and you’re only revealing your true character!

Some of the chapters that will most challenge and/or reveal your genuine nature include:

  • The Do-It-Yourself Deity
  • Taboo
  • and Shakespeare vs. Britney Spears

This is a great read for everyone, but for the hard-core philosophy students and junkies the authors have provided “The Ultimate Philosophy Quiz” as the final chapter. This is where you’ll find out if you know your Nietzsche from your Kierkegaard, if you know when Spinoza died and published his Ethics or what position Camus played on his soccer team.

The rest of the book is a practical and accessible exercise for everyday people (and scholars) if you really want to learn a little more about the way you think!

If you’re serious and sincere about understanding your “self,” this book will be a wonderful addition to your Black Belt Mindset Library.

You can get this and other powerful resources at the Black Belt Mindset Bookstore powered by Amazon!

Click here to go directly to “Do You Think What You Think You Think.”

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  1. Appreciate the tip on this book. Ordinarily I wouldn’t assume that a 183 page quick guide could be an ultimate philosophical anything, but Julian Baggini and Jeremy Stangroom are superb philosophers and writers and they could very well pull it off. I’m going to give this one a shot, thanks!

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